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Why Choose Media Blasting?

Give us a quick phone call or send us an email to get the ball rolling on the restoration of your property. Even if soda, dry ice, or other blasting media are not right for your project, we can help you figure out the best way to get your project going.

We have completed many projects at night and after hours, on weekends and holidays. We work to minimize any affect on your business. We understand that blasting is dangerous and we work at the optimal times, to mitigate risks and disturbance to the surrounding environment.

Blasting Process Images For a Car

Auto Restorations

Our mobile service really goes well with auto projects. Often the cars are not running or our customer does not have a trailer, etc. By coming directly to the customer - we save them a ton of time and headaches from not having to load up their projects. We save our customers time and money by coming to their location. 

Soda blasting ensures your car is done right and you have prepped it for paint in the best possible manner. By being on site, this also allows our customer to go over the car after blasting and "sign off" on the job - ensuring it meets our standards, as well as theirs. We understand that automobiles are very personal possessions and we want to respect that and do the best job possible.

Sail Boat Restorations

Trying to remove toxic paint by hand opens yourself up to ingesting dangerous chemicals and also takes an extremely long time. We have lots of experience restoring boats, please contact us as these anti-fouling paints can be very toxic and should be cleaned professionally.