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Hazardous Abatement - Asbestos Removal

If you have a building or home that was constructed prior to 1990 - you may be frequenting areas with asbestos containing materials. Currently all known asbestos containing materials need to be removed from buildings as of a new regulation set out by the Canadian Government.

The Alberta Asbestos Abatement Manual is available to provide a guideline for safely removing any asbestos materials and also provides information on:

  • The inspection criteria required for a removal project.
  • The personal protective equipment needed for workers.
  • The procedures for safe removal.
  • The current laws for disposal and transportation.
  • The health hazards associated Additional information can also be found at the Government of Canada - Asbestos page.

Never should you attempt to remove asbestos by yourself. Please contact us if you have a property with known asbestos to develop a safe removal plan. Keep in mind we offer free site visits and quotations. Our team of highly respected asbestos technicians are able to take care of the entire project from planning to testing, removal + disposal.

References are available upon request - some of our past asbestos removal customers have been Fillmore Construction and WalMart.

Book an appointment today by calling (844) 423-7632, Ext. 100.

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